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Pet Photography

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

We love animals!

At Natural Focus Photography we understand your pets are an important part of your family. That’s why choosing the right photographer is crucial. And one of the most important attributes of a pet photographer is of course being an animal lover! With currently 5 border collies of our own, its safe to say, both  Jason and Tracey fit the title perfectly.

Jason’s relaxed style of photography and his patient & calm personality works perfectly when photographing animals.  Dog photography & horse photography are very popular. He will create the environment to get those shots that capture your pets personality & uniqueness.

The end result are images that you will love & cherish for years to come. A beautiful framed print, canvas or glass print on the wall that every time you pass by you smile & think “I just love that photo”.

Photography Locations

We have 5 ideal locations in the Hawkesbury area where your pets can be photographed. You can choose to have them photographed with the family or have their very own pet session. If you have acreage property we are always very keen to photograph your dog, horse, cat, chickens or any other pet in the comfort of their own setting. Doing what they love, where they love.

My pet is too crazy to be photographed?

The crazier the better ! We love excited & crazy pets, remember we have 5 border collies! Jason will take a selection of posed and unposed images. Sitting quietly (only if they can!) and fun active images, its all about capturing your pets personality, so every session is a little different.

Family & Pet Photography!

Why not choose to have your pets photographed at sunset with the family?

Lady with her majestic looking horse on a cloudy blue backdrop
Action shot of dog running toward viewer
Girl sitting in the tall grass patting her horse against the blue sky
Black and white photo of smiling lady seated with her dogs
Family of four enjoying their three Dalmatians
Smiling Tracey kissed on the check by her puppy Border Collie
Catch that ball! Black and white action shot of Border Collie catching a ball
Two sisters in white with their horse with a forest looking backdrop
Owner being kissed on the cheek by their large dog
Young dog with scruffy face standing tall on log
Horse owners looking endearingly at their family pet


We had an enjoyable experience with my Harley Bike & my Harley dog!  Jason & Beth were great even when Harley wasn't sure about being photographed.  The final photos were fantastic & looking forward to getting one on the wall!

Martin & Harley

What sets Natural Focus apart with pet photography is seeing your dogs personality captured so perfectly in every picture. Jason is an amazing photographer who is incredibly patient and is extremely talented. Can't recommend highly enough!


I cannot recommend Natural Focus Photography highly enough. Jason and Tracey have a real empathy with dogs (and all animals) and just know how to bring out the best in them for wonderful photos. You will not be disappointed !!

Sandy O'Neill


We can’t wait to hear from you.

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