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Dog Photography

At Natural Focus Photography we understand your canines are an important part of your family. That’s why choosing the right dog photographer is crucial. And one of the most important attributes of a dog photographer is of course being an animal lover! With currently 5 border collies of our own, its safe to say, both of us, Jason and Tracey fit the title perfectly.

Jason’s relaxed style of photography and his patient & calm personality works perfectly when photographing animals. He will create the environment to get those shots that capture your dog’s personality & uniqueness.

The end result are images that you will love & cherish for years to come. A beautiful framed print, canvas or glass print on the wall that every time you pass by you smile & think “I just love that image”.

Dog Photography Locations

We have 3 ideal locations in the Hawkesbury area where your dogs can be photographed. You can choose to have them photographed with the family or have their very own dog photography session. If you have acreage property we are always very keen to photograph your dog in the comfort of their own setting. Doing what they love, where they love.

More Than 1 Dog?

More than 1 dog? Perfect, we are used to 5, so the more the merrier & crazier which produces lots of great opportunities to get a selection of fun, relaxed & active images for you. Jason will take a selection of posed and unposed images. Sitting quietly (only if they can!) and fun active images, its all about capturing your dog, so every session is a little different.

Splish Splash Dog Photography!

Do you have a dog that is water crazy? Spring and Summer is perfect for water fun. Talk to Tracey to arrange Jason to come to your favourite place to capture before, during and after swimming images. Alternatively, we can take you to our Richmond location. After the initial images are taken, Jason can then take some exciting water shots, which he always loves to do.

Remember to bring their collar, lead, favourite toy and treats to if they are used to being rewarded.

Why not choose to have your dogs photographed at sunset with the family? Or book their very own pet portrait photography session.

Call Tracey today on   (02) 4577 9850   for more details or to book your dog portrait session.

Alternatively contact us via email, Facebook or come in and see us at our studio address, here.

Dog photographed in afternoon sun staring into distance
Border Collie puppy face with tongue peeking through his lips
Action shot of dog running toward viewer
Young dog with scruffy face standing tall on log
Black and white photo of smiling lady seated with her dogs
Catch that ball! Black and white action shot of Border Collie catching a ball
Family of four enjoying their three Dalmatians
Smiling Tracey kissed on the check by her puppy Border Collie
Dog looking lovingly into owner's eyes whilst seated on her lap
Owner being kissed on the cheek by their large dog
Dog looking off into the sunset while owner kisses his head
Owner kissing dog on the cheek in the sunny golden afternoon haze
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